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In view of the conclusion of the project, the COIM-Best partners organized a workshop to present and discuss the core findings of the research. The workshop took place in Brussels on the 18th of April.

To this aim, the Project partners invited European experts in the field of response to events that threat public security, to discuss about valuable practices to be shared towards a European common knowledge, starting from the project findings.

The workshop was set up in a round table format. It took advantage of the results achieved by the Research Team within the Project and aimed to highlight possible topics for further developments at the National and European level, towards the enhancement of training methodologies based on shared knowledge to improve national and cross-border security and response to natural or man-made critical events.

Participating experts contributed to the discussion, with their professional knowledge, about:

a) learning objectives in the design of training programmes for public and private subjects involved in the response to crisis threatening public security;

b) lessons to be learned from field experience and already existing training programmes, leading to the identification of important elements for the managing of training cycle;

c) suitable good practices, with regard to roles and responsibilities of actors involved, training subjects, processes for training design and planning of exercises, monitoring and evaluation activities


The findings of the round table contributed to the drafting of conclusions and recommendations of the COIM-Best project and therefore to the final report.


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