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The COIM-Best project is co-financed by the European Commission - Directorate-General Home Affairs - under the Programme “Prevention, Preparedness and Consequence Management of Terrorism and other Security related risks”.

The specific objectives of COIM-Best are:

  • to perform an analysis of the management of relevant events in the recent past and to evaluate previous joint training activities and exercises for the management of terrorist attacks in order to identify the best practices and the lessons to be learned;
  • to elaborate a model of coordination, addressing all relevant issues in the joint management of terrorist events, such as: procedures and protocols; command responsibilities; coordination and cooperation activities; communication protocols and means;
  • to elaborate a manual that will be useful to design and prepare exercises and scenarios for practical coordination and training activities among involved actors, on the basis of the best practices identified during the research activities.


The expected impact of the project is to give an effective contribution to the development and implementation of coordination activities in the management of terrorist attacks within the EU.

The results of the project will serve as a basis for the development of cooperation and coordination activities among actors in the security and emergency management programmes, towards the enhancement of the sensitivity of all the political and social forces in relation to the coordination of terrorist attacks management activities and an overall enhancement of European cooperation procedures in regards to terrorist attacks management.


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