Institut de Seguretat Pública de Catalunya

In 2007 a new law unified the former Police School and the School of Firefighters and Civil Protection, forming the Institute of Public Safety of Catalonia, which depends directly on the Ministry of Interior, Institutional Relations and Participation, of Catalonia’s regional government, Generalitat de Catalunya.

The Police School and the School of Firefighters were unified in order to share knowledge, experience and training facilities, as well as to coordinate and develop, together with other organisms, the management of public safety matters. The law, by unifying the schools introduced new aims for the Institute in addition to the former ones: training of the members of the public security services, private police and civil protection, training of the prevention, firefighter and rescue services as well as the control and environmental protection services. Another aim is the management, diffusion, application and development of technical knowledge on the selection and training of public safety professionals, as well as research, documentation and international networking.

The Institute provides basic training as well as promotional training to first responders, firefighters and police. In the basic firefighters’ training course there are approximately 130 candidates each year, whereas the basic police training is taught to approximately 1300 candidates every year.

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